Author: Elaine Rose

Elanie has 10 years of sales experience cooking and other household appliances such as microwaves, ovens, toasters, inductions, blenders, dishwashers, ice makers, and electric pressure cookers. She has an in-depth idea about its working and its features and benefits. The long years of her experience in sales make her a reservoir of all the knowledge and ideas that can be implemented to make a sale successful. Coupled with this is her impeccable knowledge of her niche, which also emphasizes the importance of having niche-based writers in our organization. Elenie is the expert copywriter of our organization. Years of experience in sales have taught her a lot about how to sell a particular product. She can review the product and come up with the best of its features and find a way to highlight them to the finest. She is well aware of buyer psychology and knows exactly which words grab the attention of potential buyers and convert them into buying the product or appliance. Her years of sales have polished her skills in market research, through which she can gauge the customer's pain points and market the product accordingly. To take her sales online, Elenie started writing product descriptions of the appliances she would sell. It was noticed that many people were drawn to her descriptions and her copies converted brilliantly. She realized she had a lot of potential as a writer and not just a salesperson. She joined us, and she is one of the greatest assets of her organization when it comes to copywriting. Creating a product copy, writing sales descriptions, and driving your sales are what Elanie is amazing at!